Commercial water damage often has many more hazards and variables than with residential water damage, such as higher voltage, hazardous chemicals, large machinery, and difficult-to-access spaces. The stakes are also much higher with commercial water damage as each day can mean significant down time and lost revenue. We at Pasadena CA Water Damage understand this and are ready to help with expert services from licensed commercial water damage professionals. In addition to IICRC certification for Water Damage Restoration, our technicians hold additional certifications including Commercial Drying Specialist, Health and Safety Technician, and Building Moisture Thermography.

Call for Commercial Water Damage Services Immediately

Even if the water damage seems light, it is still best to play it safe and call for commercial water damage cleanup services immediately. Water can quickly penetrate deep into surfaces. Deep within concrete, wood, or drywall, water will not dry on its own. The moisture pockets will soon start to grow mold, which can rapidly spread throughout your business and create a major health and safety disaster. Mold remediation usually requires extensive demolition to fix, so it is best to take steps to avoid mold growth by calling in professionals to ensure the site is safely dried.

We at Pasadena CA Water Damage understand that disaster can strike at anytime. This is why our commercial water damage services are available 24/7. We always have a team of IICRC certified experts on staff and can have them to your business within 30 minutes of your call.

What to do if your business experiences water damage

  • Don’t panic!
  • Make sure the source of the water is contained
  • Turn off electricity for the water-damaged area; never touch electrical outlets or breakers if they are wet or you are standing in water
  • Call for professional water damage services immediately
  • Lift sensitive items out of the water, such as drapery, files, and electronics. Do not touch electronics unless you are sure the electricity is off first.
  • Take photographic documentation. Call your insurance company.
  • Keep all personnel out of the water-damaged area

Commercial Water Damage Remediation Process

Water damage remediation involves much more than getting water out of surfaces. To make sure that damage is minimized and secondary damages are prevented, a comprehensive wet-to-dry plan must be made. Our technicians start by doing a full damage assessment, taking into consideration the unique variables of your business – such as whether you have energized machinery and the dimensions of the damaged site. We work closely with businesses to make sure they understand every step of the remediation process and what is expected of them.

In the past, structural and commercial drying services usually meant that we had to remove the contents of the room. Now, technology has gotten much better and in-place drying is often possible. This means that all of the contents of your business can be left in place as the space dries, saving you the hassle of finding storage and the time it would take to move all the items.

When you choose Pasadena CA Water Damage, you can rest assured that the job is being done right. We utilize technology like infrared cameras to make sure no moisture pocket goes untreated, and our fleet of high-grade air movers and dehumidifiers mean we can get your entire business dry in days rather than weeks.

Along with commercial water damage services, we also offer the following services to Pasadena businesses:

  • Commercial mold remediation services
  • Commercial fire and smoke damage cleanup
  • Commercial sewage cleanup services
  • Commercial flood damage cleanup
  • Insurance coordination and billing

Contact us at (626) 817-6718. We are happy to answer any of your questions and can have a team of commercial water damage experts to your home or business within 30 minutes to start the commercial water damage mitigation process.