What Are Fire Damage Restoration Services?

Fire damage restoration is everything that happens after the last ember has been put out and the premises are declared secure. While the threat of fire may be gone, the acidic soot from the fire can still cause severe damage to your property and health, so it is imperative that action be taken immediately to clean up the damage. Restoration is a multi-step, comprehensive process which requires equipment like High Efficiency Particle Air filters and special alkaline cleaners. Since vast amounts of water is often used to put out fires, fire damage restoration also often involves water damage cleanup, including water extraction, drying and dehumidification.

Call for fire damage cleanup services immediately

If a comprehensive approach isn’t taken immediately to clean up the fire damage, then the damage can quickly get worse. In the industry, the first 24 hours after a fire is considered the “golden period” in which further damages can be avoided. If you wait longer than 24 hours to start the fire damage cleanup process, then the damages accelerate. Acidic soot stains materials and deteriorates finishes. Water seeps deeper into the structure of your home, making it harder to dry. Mold begins to thrive in the moisture and grows rapidly.

The threat of mold growth should not be taken lightly. Mold spores are microscopic and easily float through the air. If moisture levels are not controlled, then mold growth can spread to areas of your home which were not even affected by the fire.

What to do in the aftermath of a fire:

  • Don’t panic. This is a troubling time, but a clear head and quick response can save you further damages.
  • Call Pasadena CA Water Damage for fire damage cleanup services
  • Avoid entering the fire-damaged area and keep all children and pets out of the area.
  • If you must enter the area, wear a respirator.
  • Open the windows to get air circulating in the space. Do not open doors as this will cause soot to move to other areas of your home. If necessarily, hang a tarp over the doorway (fire restoration professionals will do this for you)
  • Do not turn on your furnace or HVAC system
  • Document the fire damage. Take an inventory of damaged items. Call your insurance company if you will be filing a claim.

Pasadena CA Fire and Smoke Cleanup Services

We have some of the top fire damage restoration experts in the state of California on our team. They are IICRC certified in specialties including Fire and Smoke Restoration, Building Moisture Thermography, Applied Structural Drying, Health and Safety, and Odor Control.

Our technicians use a combination of mechanical and manual methods for removing smoke, soot, and odors from the fire-damaged area. Professional-grade HEPA filters are used to remove particles from the air and off of surfaces like walls and upholstery. Wearing respirators and protective gear, our technicians will do the hard work of scrubbing walls to loosen soot. Making sure that moisture levels are under control is one of our top priorities, as mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours. Infrared cameras help us detect even hidden pockets of moisture behind walls or in subfloors. These can be dried with air movers or injection-dry systems.

The aftermath of a fire is often very stressful. To make the process easier on you, we offer expert customer support. Our friendly technicians will document the fire damage for you and we coordinate with insurance companies, including billing directly to them. We remove unsalvageable items for you and dispose of them according to California regulations. No matter how big or small the fire was, we are here to help in the aftermath to make sure the cleanup process goes swiftly and secondary damages are avoided.

Contact us at (626) 817-6718. We are happy to answer any of your questions and can have a team of fire damage experts to your home or business within 30 minutes to start the fire damage mitigation process.